Galla Park | How to Pair the Perfect Wine With Your Steak
a delicious steak platter served with perfectly paired wine at Galla Park Steak in Columbus, OH

How to Pair the Perfect Wine With Your Steak

We’ve seen it in movies, television shows, and even in guides to the perfect date night. Pairing wine with steak is an essential part of a great night out, and you can never go wrong with this combo. But it isn’t enough to grab a bottle and pick out an item from the menu. The perfect pairs complement each other almost as well as salt and pepper, and thankfully for you, finding the perfect wine for your steak is as easy as taking a few tips from this guide.

Filet Mignon

You must pair the taste and texture of your meat with a wine that adds to the experience without removing what makes the flavor of the meat special. Filet mignon is a favorite of many, and you want to pair it with a wine that adds to the subtle goodness that makes this classic meat. Filet mignon is lean, but one with plenty of taste and deserves a wine pairing that does not overstep its boundaries. Look to dry red wines like pinot noir and merlot.


Ribeye steak is another common meat filled with all sorts of flavor to enhance your steak dinner. Ribeye is high in fat, and you definitely want to turn to a wine that is relatively high in tannins and has high acidity. That’s what makes a spicy zinfandel or cabernet sauvignon a great ribeye option. Cabernet sauvignon is filled with acidity and has moderate levels of tannin, which allows you to cut through the steak’s fat while adding bold, beautiful fruit flavors that contrast well with the richness of ribeye.


Strips come in various names (New York Strip, Omaha Strip, Kansas City Strip) and are a short loin cut of steak. Strips are much thicker and tender and deserve a wine that can help cut through the thickness and fat but also have a strong complementary flavor. Fortunately for white wine lovers, strip steak is the option for you. Champagnes acidity complements the strip well, as do the bold flavors of cabernet sauvignon. If your steak isn’t heavily seasoned, a light rosé adds a beautiful touch to the natural taste of the steak.


You could never go wrong with a nice t-bone steak, and you want a high-fat steak paired with a bold red wine. T-Bone steak is tender but relatively lean, and as a combination of filet and strip, you want to combine the best aspects of cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir. Syrah is a great middle-ground steak option, as it is the perfect middle ground of the other wine options. If your T-bone comes with a rich sauce, then a wine like barolo or even malbec can work to complement the added taste.


Flank steak is derived from the lower part of the cattle body and happens to be a bit less tender than most other steak types and cut into smaller pieces. As such, it’s important to have a smooth wine to contrast the experience while eating your steak. Try a Spanish red wine like garnacha, or turn to malbec for a strong fruity contrast, especially with a very smoky flank.

Ready to Pair Your Wine and Steak?

It doesn’t matter what wine you choose to pair with your meat if you aren’t eating a quality steak. Paring your wine and steak is made easy when you’re at Galla Park Steak, as you’re sure to get high-quality filet mignon and ribeye on top of our other delicious Galla Park menu selections. Visit us today or check out some of our shows in Cincinnati and Columbus to make your wine and steak dreams come true!