Galla Park Social

Short North Restaurant - Columbus, OH

Welcome to Galla Park Social, the premier Short North restaurant that combines modern American cuisine with a chic and elevated presentation of classic and reimagined dishes. Our menu is carefully crafted to satisfy every craving, from small plates to gourmet entrees. Our comprehensive selection of cocktails, wine, and beer includes an ample selection of champagne to elevate any occasion.

At Galla Park Social, you can eat, drink, and be social all in one place. Join us for a romantic date night, girls’ night out, or to catch your favorite team on our big screens. Don’t miss our electrifying after dark experience, complete with bottle service and live DJ music. Book your reservation now and come discover why Galla Park Social is the hottest spot in the Short North.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of the Short North, Columbus Ohio, Galla Park Social stands as a beacon for those seeking an unparalleled dining and nightlife experience. This Short North restaurant, with its inviting ambiance, caters to a clientele that’s as bold and spirited as the flavors that dance on its plates. Renowned for its exquisite entrees, each dish is a masterpiece, carefully crafted to ignite the senses. The culinary journey is further elevated by a selection of hand-picked wines, each chosen for its ability to accentuate the nuances of the meal, ensuring a dining experience of true grandeur.

But as the sun sets, Galla Park Social reveals its other face. It transforms into a Short North nightclub, where the energy pulses through the air. This is not just any night out; it’s a bold statement, a declaration of freedom and high spirits. The events here are legendary – Steamy HOT Friday and Saturday nights, girls’ night out, and more, drawing in a crowd that’s robust, high-spirited, and always
ready for a memorable time.

The Short North events hosted by Galla Park Social are a testament to its versatility and appeal. From the sultry beats that keep the dance floor alive to the themed nights that promise an escape from the mundane, there’s something for every adventurous soul. This is a place where the night is always young, and the experiences are as rich and diverse as the patrons who walk through its doors.

In essence, Galla Park Social is not just a venue; it’s a lifestyle. It’s where the Short North’s heart beats the loudest, offering a sanctuary for those who live boldly and love loudly. Whether you’re here for the fine dining or the high-octane nightlife, Galla Park Social promises an experience that’s as unforgettable as the Short North itself.

Location & Hours

900 N High St,
Columbus, OH 43215

Kitchen open until 10PM

The Ultimate Game Day Experience

Book the ultimate game day experience now! Watch the big game in one of our private TV booths, and catch all of the action on our massive LED walls!

Galla After Dark

Columbus Nightlife

Find out What Happens In Galla, with our late night experience starting at 10PM Friday & Saturday. Private booths and bottle service are available. Sounds by DJ Surge and more. Contact us today to book!

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