the signature drink "The Bubble" made by Galla Park Gastro

The Science Behind Our Most Popular Cocktail: The Bubble

The Bubble cocktail is our most popular drink, and for good reason. It includes the beautiful flavors of Ketel Oranje vodka, St. Germain champagne and triple sec liqueur mixed into a lovely drink. But what really drives the drink’s popularity in the industry is the presence of the drink’s namesake — the bubble on top. It’s a show within a drink and gives customers and anyone surrounding them a unique show to watch. But how do you make the bubble cocktail what it is? Here is the science behind our most popular and luxurious drink.

How We Create the Magic

How are these supreme spherical specimens created? The Bubble is essentially a chemical mixture that produces the smoke bubble that lights up your eyes. The main ingredient that keeps everything together is Carboxymethylcellulose, which helps the mixture stick to the glass wall. Citrus acid acts as a preserving agent, and Coco Betaine helps lower the surface tension that forms a bubble when you blow on the compound. The most common ways to create The Bubble include using a flavour blaster or a smoking gun. 

Flavour Blaster

When using a flavour blaster, we fill it with your desired aroma and ensure the lip of your glass is wet. Your cocktail should be ready to go and in the glass before placing down the bubble, and you don’t want your glass lip to be contaminated by any other drinks or decorative substances. Simply blow a bubble to your desired size and drop it or place it in the center of your drink.

Smoking Gun

The smoking gun is another option for creating your cocktail. Like with the flavour blaster, make sure the cocktail is ready to go and that the rim and inside of your glass are moist. The adapter is dipped into the edible bubble liquid, and the smoking gun machine is turned on. Once this occurs, the bubble forms, and you slowly remove the adapter and the attached bubble from the liquid. The bubble is carefully placed on the cocktail glass, and the adapter is removed from the bubble once it’s an appropriate size to serve. 

Flavor and Aroma

What good is a drink if it doesn’t have a good taste? The process of creating The Bubble cocktail ends with a beautiful aromatic to your drink. There are multiple aromas to choose from, ranging from citrus to mixed berries and rosemary. Your aroma will complement your drink and add a special taste and energy unmatched by other drinks without this bubble. 

It Looks Cool!

What drives the popularity of The Bubble can be narrowed down to a few small words — it looks cool! At the end of the day, that’s what makes the bubble amazing. Most customers think it’s a cool twist on their drink until it pops, and they get a beautiful experience that they never expected. It never ceases to amaze, and it makes for an experience you won’t expect because you never thought it was possible. 

Get Your Hands on The Bubble

Are your taste buds oozing for a shot at The Bubble? Order your drink at Galla Park Gastro, and you’re guaranteed a beautiful tasting drink with a show you don’t want to miss. Visit us today for your shot at our elegant beverage, or learn more about our private parties to have your friends and loved ones all take a shot at The Bubble!