locally-sourced ingredients about to be used in dishes at Galla PArk Gastro in Columbus, Ohio

Expertly Curated, Exquisitely Paired: Why We Use Locally-Sourced Ingredients

“Buying local” is a trend having something of a moment, but it transcends being just another fad. For businesses like local restaurants, using locally-sourced ingredients can bring serious benefits to the table. By definition, locally-sourced food generally refers to products served and consumed within a 100-150 mile radius of where they are grown. Here, we’ll look into Galla Park Gastro’s approach to menu curation, sourcing practices, and meaningful contribution to our community.

Freshness and Quality

Did you know that the average distance fruits and vegetables in the U.S. travel before reaching their financial destination is roughly 1,500 miles? When restaurants buy items from large distributors, they’re most likely getting something that was grown, picked, and preserved to make the trek. However, buying locally allows us to get items that were just picked, which means they’re much fresher and more appealing.

Health and Environmental Friendliness

Since locally-sourced ingredients do not have to go through all of that travel and don’t need preservatives required for that sort of excursion, using locally-sourced ingredients helps our business keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Purchasing from local farms gives us access to more organic food products and products made without significant amounts of artificial substances and chemicals. This means that our final dishes are more natural and healthy.

Increased Food Variety

Buying ingredients from regional distributors or vendors means more limited access to the various kinds of products available for purchase. When it comes to local farmers and vendors, though, we’re presented with a larger selection of unique ingredients and food items. Buying locally means we are able to take advantage of seasonal ingredients and flavors that allows us to craft signature dishes and menu items that are timely as they are enticing.

Minimized Waste Production

Purchasing in bulk from long-distance suppliers or even regional distributors could mean a portion of ingredients go bad before a restaurant is even able to use them due to extensive travel times and larger quantities. The practice of buying ingredients locally helps eliminate food waste at our restaurant.

Support for the Local Economy

Keeping our ingredient purchases local is great for businesses near us! By buying locally, we’re able to boost the economy around us while creating lasting relationships with fellow businesses. Contributing to our local economy helps us invest in our community over time.
Gallo Park Gastro is committed to quality, freshness, and an exceptional dining experience — all of which start with our ingredients. From creating shorter transport distances to help ensure freshness, being able to offer seasonal menu items, boosting nearby economies, and beyond, there are several reasons why our restaurant uses locally-sourced ingredients. For more information about our menu or to book a private party in Cincinnati, OH, contact us today!